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Advanced Work Outs

So my trainer says I am advanced.

In this weeks workout with my trainer, as I was in the middle of a set she was telling me that the other trainers know who I am.  Apparently, so many of the trainers have clients that, for some reason, will sign up for a package, do a few sessions, then start to cancel their visits, ultimately dropping out. Some even continue to pay (we’re talking several hundred per month) and not show up!

Because of that, I am considered a “dream client”. Not only do I pay, I make 95% of my sessions.

And now I have progressed to the point where my workouts are now creeping in to the Advanced zone 🙂

My trainer told me that they will at times discuss some exercises and whether their clients could do them and the OTHER trainers would say “I bet Mike can do that one”.

When she told me this I was a little surprised, but in a good way. My answer was simply that I like to get my money’s worth…and I was motivated.


So that’s how my session pretty much began… here are the exercises I did:

Set One:

Inchworm with a pushup – 8 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps
Burpees on Kettlebells – 10 reps, 12 reps, 12 reps
Jumping Jacks with 20 lb medicine ball – 20, 30, 30
Sprint down/Jog back – 2, 2, 2

Set Two:

Standard Burpees – 5, 7, 7
Standing Lunge with Kettlebell Pressups – 10 each leg, 10 each leg, 10 each leg
Mountain Climbers on Medicine Ball – 20, 20, 20
Jog down, Side Shuffle back – 2, 2, 2

I am not 100% certain about some of the names of what we did, but here’s a few descriptions…

Inchworms – stand, then bend at the waist and touch the floor. With your hands, “walk” out until you are in the pushup position, do a pushup then “walk” back to a standing position.

Burpees  on kettlebells – stand with a kettle bell in each hand. Squat, placing the kettlebells on the floor slightly in front of you at shoulder width. Kick your legs out while “balancing” your upper body with your hands on the kettlebell handles (you would be in a pushup position here). Then kick back in and stand with the kettlebells.

Jumping Jacks with Medicine Ball – Stand with the ball at chest height. When you jump your feet apart, raise the ball above your head. When you jump your feet together, bring the ball back to chest height.

Standard Burpees – (many call these “up/downs”) from a standing position, squat and place your hands on the floor. Kick out to a pushup position, kick back in and then jump straight up as high as you can.

Standing Lunge with Kettlebell Pressups – stand with your left foot forward (foot flat on ground) and your right foot behind you (on your toes). Have a kettlebell in your right hand, at shoulder height (ready to push it up). Squat so your right knee comes down and almost touches the floor. Go back up and then “press” the kettlebell over your head. After completing the set number, switch your legs and kettlebell to the other side.

Mountain Climbers on Medicine Ball – a mountain climber is when you are in a pushup position and you bring one knee to your chest, then alternate your legs (almost like jogging in place in a horizontal position). But in this case, you put your hands on a medicine ball instead of the floor.

Needless to say, when I got done, I felt the burn 🙂

It’s good to be advanced…


Decided this would be a good day to run and break in my new running shoes. Got a new pair of Asics Gel-Frantics 6 and so far I like them. But because they are new it changes my stride enough to give me a slight back ache. Slowed me down, but I lived and it will go away.

Here’s my stats for the run…

4.0 miles, 40 mins 40 sec. for a 10:09 min/mile pace.  My split times were:

Mile 1 – 9:57
Mile 2 – 9:57
Mile 3 – 10:44
Mile 4 – 9:52

Need to work on my speed just a bit. And work in some sprints.

Looking forward to that Army 10 Miler!

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