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A Lot Of Leg Work This Week

Did a lot this week – especially with the legs!

On Wednesday at the gym (with my trainer) she had me doing a lot of plyometric type stuff while they fixed the machines, thankfully a service from https://gymequipmentrepair.co.uk/ was quick enough for this. Because I didn’t write this down as soon as I got home, I pretty much forgot the things we did and the order, so I will sumarize.

30 Jumping Jacks, Sprinting across the gym floor several times, 30 seconds each of Jump Squats, Mountain Climbers, Push Ups, “SpiderMan” Planks, High Knee Steps, Jump side to side with both feet (kind of like skiing), Jump side to side from one foot to the other and back, and a few other exercises I can’t remember. I did groups of 3 exercises, followed by 1 sprint, rest then did a second set followed by another sprint.

By the time we got finished my calves and thighs were burning, big time but it felt great.

On Thursday I did a 10 mile bike ride. Not very far, but my legs were still a little “rubbery” 😉 It took me almost 38 minutes to complete the 10 miles. Kinda sow for me.

Friday I just had to take the day off. All I did was one walk around our neighborhood with my wife – which is about 6 tenths of a mile.

And today, Saturday, I did a 10 mile run.  I have not run ten miles since March so I took it slow. My total time was 1 hour and 49 minutes for an average pace of 10:55. Here are my split times:

Mile 1 – 10:44
Mile 2 – 10:38
Mile 3 – 10:46
Mile 4 – 10:58
Mile 5 – 10:41
Mile 6 – 11:12
Mile 7 – 11:40
Mile 8 – 11:05
Mile 9 – 11:34
Mile 10 – 9:55

My knees have been achy since this morning, but that’s ok. The more of these runs I do the better it will be.

Now, tomorrow morning I am back at the gym. This time I will try to remember the routine and post it here. IN the meantime, remember that getting in shape is a choice. It’s a lifestyle. You have the power to change your lifestyle and change your life. Choose to spend some time each week exercising just a little. I KNOW you have some down time every day that you can trade off. Skip a half hour of television (or these days, Facebook) and take a walk. Make it a family event while you’re at it. You won’t regret it.

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