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Vitamin B12 and You

Vitamin B12 and You

I consider myself a pretty active guy. I do more at 49 than I did at 29 from a physical standpoint. I walk, I run, I ride a bicycle, I go to the gym, I exercise at home, I go to kickboxing classes…

Over the past 2 months or so, I have found that I am petering during my runs by the time I hit a mile. I have been blowing off kickboxing because I simply feel tired. Even my biking is way down this season.

A few weeks ago I had my annual physical. My doctor asked how I was feeling and I told him I mostly felt fine but a little more tired than usual. He grinned – he knew I would say that.

“Michael” he said. “Your blood work is just fine, but you are deficient in vitamin B12 (and vitamin D)”.

It’s interesting that in the past few years since getting in to physical fitness that I never read about B12 and how it can affect you. I have done a lot of reading since and learn more every day. I have started weekly B12 shots for 4 weeks (then monthly after that until he says otherwise).

So let’s talk about this B12 deficiency for a moment…

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Fitness Tips for Men & Women Over 40

Here’s a short video by Fred Nicklaus on some beginner exercises for men and women:

Fred Nicklaus is an over 50 year old former National Champion martial artist, double hip replacement recipient, who has owned and operated martial arts programs and local fitness classes in La Crosse, WI for over 30 years. He teaches strength and fitness classes for men and women in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Fitness Isn’t Just A Resolution

Fitness Isn’t Just A Resolution

Happy New Year!

Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll ask you the million dollar question – did you make the annual resolution to lose weight/get in shape? It’s ok if you did. Many people do. It also means that you at least recognize your need to make some changes in your life.

But you really need to ask yourself what it is you REALLY want.  Setting a general goal (which most resolutions are) won’t really help you much. You need to be more direct and focused on the details. So instead of saying “This year I am going to get in shape and lose weight!”, try this:

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Setting Goals For The Coming Year

Setting Goals For The Coming Year

New Years Resolutions.

Yeah, most of the time that’s a big joke. How many times have you made a resolution then 2 days later gave up?  I have done that too many times to count.

So, let’s not call them resolutions anymore. Call them what they are: Goals!

Let me start by telling you what some of my goals are for the coming year (at least in the health and fitness area of my life).  Last January I joined Golds Gym and a month later hired a personal trainer. Now, I have to tell you – if you can afford to go that route, take it. There’s nothing like having an expert both train and motivate you. I learned a LOT from her when it comes to exercising. Cardio, plyometrics, body weight training, core and balance training, and more.  Since I have started, I have lost about 20 pounds and I have gained strength, balance, stamina and a joy for exercising and feeling good. Because let me tell you – I have never felt physically better in all my life. Even with arthritic knees 🙂

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The Pros And Cons Of A Low Carb Diet

The Pros And Cons Of A Low Carb Diet

We have an unlimited supply of information at our fingertips, whether at the library, bookstore, or the internet.  It’s easy to find research on diet plans.  The hard part comes as we sift through all the pros and cons of the diet.

Avoiding information overload can be difficult when trying to decide if the good actually outweighs the bad.  The key is to understanding the difference so you can choose the best diet plan to promote your healthy lifestyle.  Let’s take a look at some of the information so you can make your decision:


Weight Loss – The reason a majority of people begin dieting is to lose weight.  Low carb diets focus on eliminating the bad carbs which include white bread, potatoes, pastries, soda, and candy.  These foods have either added sugars, starch, or empty calories.  These bad carbs are not easily burned off so they just as easily turn into fat in the body.  Eliminating the bad carbs from your diet and replacing them with good carbs and lean proteins will typically result in weight loss.

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