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Todays Workout

Sunday mornings. One of my workout days with my trainer.  We’ve been taking it easy on workouts involving legs/ankles due to my sprain. But after doing a 4 mile run yesterday, we decided to ease back in to my full routine.

Before going over today’s routine, I mentioned my run from yesterday. You can read what my time was by clicking here. Then come on back…

So today we started with some upper body stuff – arms and chest, etc. She had me do 3 exercises twice, followed by sprints.

Set 1 (x2): Standing Flies (with cable machine) 12 reps
“Up and Down” planks (using a stepper platform) 15 reps
Stability ball pushups (one hand on ball, 10 pushups, then switch ball to other hand and 10 more pushups)
Sprint across gym floor.
Rest, then do set 2.

So this first set had my arms like rubber when I finished the second set – but I got through all of it. Our next set was all legs.

Set 2 (x2): Reverse Lunge with barbell (used 20 lbs and had it locked over head) 10 lunges each leg
Sumo Squats with weight (don’t remember how much weight) 15 squats
Medicine Ball Glute Bridges (see a demo here) 12 raises on each leg
Sprint across gym floor.
Rest, then do set 2.

Felt good to work the legs since we took over a week off from work them 🙂 Now it’s time for some core work..

Set 3 (x2): Medicine Ball “Jumping Jacks” (both hands on ball, plank position, kick legs out and back like a jumping jack) 15 reps
Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers (roll from the first exercise to this one, no break) 15 reps
Medicine Ball Slams (18 lb ball, raise overhead, slam-bounce to trainer, and back) 15 reps
Sprint across gym floor.
Rest, then do set 2.

All core on that set!

Final mini set – just 10 “burpees” with a jump (no pushup)
Then a sprint.

All in all, a good workout today. Felt the burn for sure and left feeling pumped and ready for more…


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