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Slow but Sure

Have not updated my workouts in a while, but mostly that’s because of time – or lack thereof 🙂

So far in June I am staying pretty active – couple of bike rides, walks and jogs. Today was a walk/jog kind of day. By 10 AM it was about 88 Degrees and a little muggy. I brought water with me 🙂

Typical today – walked around the ponds and jogged on the heritage trail for about 1.5 miles.

Looking to run my first 5K this Sunday up in Middletown. Should be interesting… Although I will not meet my stated goal of the NYC Marathon this year, I figured I should at least start somewhere.

Weight is down a little – 197 lbs this morning so at least I am on the right track. Now if I could ONLY find the will power to NOT eat stuff at night the weight will come off faster.

More to come…

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