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Determine Your Fitness Goals

Since I have started exploring in the health and fitness niche I have done a lot of reading, exploring and list subscribing.  It’s been quite an education.  I am by no means a fitness expert, but I know more today than i did a year ago.  I am in better shape today than I was 10 years ago – partly due to the amount of reading and learning I do.

If I had any complaints it’s this…

I have been following a few well known “fitness guru’s” lately and although I learn a lot from them I also came to certain conclusions about them.

These guys are, first of all, in stupendous shape. Cut, 6-pack, like 6% body fat, and more. So when I read their newsletters, blogs and articles I notice how dedicated they are to certain things. They write articles that talk about types of workouts they hate (see my post about this here).  Nothing wrong with that per se, but for those who are just getting started, sometimes articles like that will discourage people from even beginning on any type of program. They figure if this guru says a treadmill sucks, then there’s no point in even walking.

Same with food. Some even sound like alarmists – hey, don’t eat that white bread. Forget those Healthy Choice frozen meals. And don’t even think about McDonalds. I get it – these foods aren’t the best for you. However, preaching the evils of eating them at all will drive the average person away from the thought of changing their eating habits.  After all, who wants to start shopping for ONLY organic foods, grass fed beef and so on, right?

Ok, a bit over the top maybe. But some of those guys do sound over the top at times.  But don’t blame them if you decide not to do anything about your weight and health.  The decision is still yours.

One of the main reasons I find (from talking to others) why people become discouraged when following these guys is simple confusion. Not understanding what you’re trying to accomplish. Not setting clear goals for yourself. And also unrealistic expectations. They see these guys and gals with those perfect bodies and they think all they need to do is what those experts do and they will see the same results (usually in 90 to 120 according to most of the experts…). People think that this is actually their goal.

Then they get the rude awakening…

There’s a LOT of work – and CHANGE – involved. Not everyone will get those six pack abs. You may never look like those guru fitness guys. You must remember that these guys (and gals, of course) spend a lot of time exercising, studying, and are very dedicated to this.  Most have been living that lifestyle for many years (regardless of what they tell you).

Then there are those who KNOW they won’t achieve what the experts have and never even get started. They may even feel intimidated by them. Maybe you only want to lose 15 pounds, or drop your body fat 26% to 18%. But they read how even THAT is no good, or not enough and get discouraged.

Now, I realize many of the health and fitness experts are not like that. But some are and they don’t help.  However, in the end it’s still YOUR responsibility to choose the right program for you. Understanding what your goals are will help you decide your direction.  If you DO want that sexy body and the 5% body fat you better prepare yourself for a MASSIVE lifestyle change. A permanent change – not a 90 to 120 day change.

So write down your goals. See your doctor to go over the potential risks to you. See a nutritionist about healthy eating tips, meal plans and so on.  And if you can afford it, join your local gym and/or find yourself a personal trainer to develop a fitness routine that’s right for you.

Most of all, make the decision. In the long run you won’t regret it.

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