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Getting Stronger Every Day

It’s been almost a month since my last entry. So let’s catch up…

Weight Watchers has been great thus far (as I know it would be). I am down over 10 pounds now (roughly 191) and feeling great. But even better, I am finally seeing the results of all the time I have spent with my trainer. That goes to show – exercise alone is not enough. Nor is dieting. You really need both.

But here’s the really good news. As you get in to an exercise regimen, you start to feel great. What happens is you then find yourself looking forward to some form of activity.  These days, I still go to my trainer twice a week. But I also walk, run and bike ride almost every chance I get. I even got my son and wife into bike riding, so not it’s a family affair!

But I also have to note one other thing. A good thing…

According to my doctor, I have mild arthritis in both of my knees – and have since my early twenties.  They were always bothersome – especially if I stood in one spot for extended periods of time, or kneeling – or the worst, when I got up in the morning. It was so bad that I used to have to hold the banister when going down the stairs first thing in the morning.

Well, since I started exercising, losing weight – AND taking some supplements daily (Fish Oil, Glucosamine Condroitin, Multi Vitamin), the pain has been reduced dramatically! They are still stiff in the mornings, but not nearly as much. No need to hold on to the banister anymore 🙂  There’s less pain after running, walking,drumming or biking.  There’s still some discomfort but way less.

In the near future I will post the different exercises my trainer had me doing.  In the meantime, just start slow. Start somewhere.  Walk for 15 minutes. Reduce your food intake. ANYthing!

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