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Great Day For A Ride

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I am part Irish so I can say that 🙂

What a beautiful day for a ride! I set out at about 9:45 this morning, after the cooler weather warmed up a bit. It was overall a pleasant ride, but my energy was a bit off today. Over the past couple of days, I have been severely limiting my carb intake. Usually at breakfast I would have cereal, or perhaps a 100 calorie bar with a banana,that kind of thing. But the past couple of days – eggs, bacon – that kind of thing.

Even lunches and dinners this week – very few carbs.  The plus side is, almost 4 pounds lost. The down side is when doing any cardio I notice my energy level seems lower.  Perhaps that is a coincidence. We’ll see after a few weeks like this.

At any rate, I got in a tad over 10 miles today in about 40 minutes (roughly 15 mph average).  That’s a bit slower than last year when I was averaging just over 16 mph 🙁  But it’s early in the season.

I will post from time to time regarding my results of this low-carb thing I am doing. It is based from Tim Ferriss’s book, the 4 Hour Body.  It’s interesting reading, to be sure. He has an easy style.

Meantime, I will be altering my original statement regarding the NYC Marathon. I think after the reading I have done, and the current state of my knees, this year would be too aggressive. After all – I don’t want to kill myself 🙂  Perhaps next year.

This year I will focus on losing weight, shaping up and then I will see how this affects my knees.

Anyway, go grab this book (see sidebar). I think it will do you some good.

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