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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Low Carb Diet

    We have an unlimited supply of information at our fingertips, whether at the library, bookstore, or the internet.  It’s easy to find research on diet plans.  The hard part comes as we sift through all the ...
  • A Good Moooo-ning Run

    I have mentioned in earlier posts that I enjoy running on our local bike path called the Heritage Trail. It’s an old railroad track that was paved over. It’s safe, smooth and quiet. It’s also where ...
  • Advanced Work Outs

    So my trainer says I am advanced. In this weeks workout with my trainer, as I was in the middle of a set she was telling me that the other trainers know who I am.  Apparently, ...
  • A Lot Of Leg Work This Week

    Did a lot this week – especially with the legs! On Wednesday at the gym (with my trainer) she had me doing a lot of plyometric type stuff.Because I didn’t write this down as soon as ...
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